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08/08/2016 Commented The original bid for the UTC in Leeds was supported by Kodak, Siemens, Unilever and ourselves (Agfa Graphics Ltd) as employers and the University of Leeds school of Mechanical Engineering. We also had strong support from the Chamber of Commerce, Leeds City Council, Leeds City College and the EEF. Sadly Kodak closed their Leeds plant and are no longer supporters.Since the project was approved in early 2015 and DofE funding received, we have had another 60 or so local manufacturing companies come forward to help by setting projects for the students, offering factory visits or guest lectures.We have enough companies on board of enough variety to ensure success, where we are struggling is funding the school as it starts with low pupil numbers and grows. We are currently engaging with our support base to encourage them to sponsor classrooms and equipment to ensure the school is funded properly (I've learned more than I wanted to know about school funding and its not good!).As with all UTCs the main problem is getting young people to change schools at 14 and in our first year we have done exceptionally well at this. However, we need to repeat this next year and the year after until we get exam results through which we are confident will create a demand for places.The help we need is help with getting the message out to the young people of the Leeds City Region and their parents about what a great opportunity UTC Leeds provides and what a great pathway into Manufacturing careers will result from being a successful student there.
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