Idiots guide to IOT & Industry 4.0


At the risk of displaying my ignorance and therefore looking daft – here goes.

Our plant uses SCADA on a profibus network and we have a data historian networked around the site. In recent times we have added instruments onto this network which connect by WiFi rather than hardwired.

As far as I understand, IOT and Industry 4.0 is an extension of the above trend to WiFi connection as web enabled instruments and sensors drop in price.

Q1 Is my very basic understanding correct ?
Q2 Is there a different central organising hub for IOT/ Industry 4.0 than the SCADA or data historian we use ? If so what are its characteristics ?

Sarah Hough commented
    • Hi Graham,

      You are exactly the type of manufacturer we have been looking for – one that needs guidance on aiding your understanding on exactly what Industry 4 means, so thank you for taking the time to post this. This Network has literally only just launched and in fact the IIOT one isn’t quite set up or finished, in that we’re still recruiting our steering group and thought leaders – the experts needed to answer your question. We as The Manufacturer of course have some knowledge but we rely in other experts to provide more detailed answers. I would love to come back to you though, so let us consult who we know and we’ll respond in due course. Thank you again for being the first to ask and we hope (once a little more complete 🙂 you’ll continue to use this forum to ask more questions. There will be an annual conference you can attend in the coming months for free, as a result of joining this network. I have no doubt this will greatly adding to your learning experience as we explore this subject. We’ll get back to you 🙂